Sunday is Soup Day

Last Thursday morning for the first time in fifteen years, I woke up with a new song in my head. I got out my phone and started singing into it: dant, dah, dant, dah, dant, dah, dant, dah, dant, dah, dant, dah, dah, clap, clap! Genius, right? Well, I thought so. I texted Gena, I was so excited. I didn’t have all the lyrics done, but I had part of the tune and I needed to get it out. It would have to wait, though. Thursday is a Jade day. I got cleaned up and headed to my daughter’s house, with plans for the evening at Bob and Gena’s. I was able to do nothing more with my song until Tom and I got to their house that night. After dinner, some luscious homemade soup and some of Gena’s Asiago Herb Bread (yum!) which she found on one of our favorite websites Foodie With Family. I played my silly recording for Bob. He totally got it. He heard the genius, too! We all sat down and I finished the lyrics, we recorded the song and I planned to sing it at the following open mic night. Whew! I think there may be a music video in there somewhere!
Now, however, it is Sunday. Bob and Gena were gallivanting through several counties today, and our house was their final stop. This time, I was fixing some soup. We chatted for a few minutes. I invited them to stay. I even tempted them with some homemade tootsie rolls (they didn’t look as appealing as they tasted) and the smell of good soup, but it was a no go. Bob was definitely not feeling well. It’s okay, we’ve got plenty of future ahead of us.

I sent them a poem about my soup:

You missed a really tasty soup with peas, both chick and green,
basmati rice and sweet red peppers also made the scene.
I do hope Bob is feeling well though. He looked a little shaky.
Sometimes home’s the only cure to help a tummy achey.

Gena said that Bob wanted some reiki, too. Of course!

When my friends do not feel well, reiki is a given.
After all it’s healing love that makes our lives worth livin’.

‘Nuff said.